Grantee Resources

Congratulations on your MEAP grant! Check out these resources we've created to help you get started.

Administrative Resources

Congratulations! You've been selected for MEAP funding. Now what? We recommend reading through the MEAP Guidelines and Contract Terms, as well as the Handbook for Grantees, for information about how to get started.

Project Planning Resources

These guides provide detailed information for project planning, including recommended hardware and software and best practices to meet MEAP standards.

Planning Grant Resources

These resources provide guidance related to documentation and survey projects.

Metadata Resources

Explore these resources as you create metadata for your project.



Forms for MEAP Applicants and Grantees
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    Copyright Permission Agreement

    Copyright Permission Agreements are required for all Project Grants. Project teams are responsible for identifying the creator and copyright owner of all collection materials.

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    Archival Partner Form

    The Archival Partner Form is used to confirm collaboration between the project team and the archival owners. The form should be signed by the current collection holders.

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    Host Commitment Form

    The Host Commitment Form is required for all projects and should be used to confirm institutional agreement to serve as a Host Institution.

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    UCLA Contract Terms (Blank)

    View a blank template of the UCLA Contract Terms. For review purposes only.

Additional Resources

These resources provide additional guidance related to digitization projects.