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We Preserve Cultural Heritage

Our grants enable digitization and access to at-risk cultural heritage collections from around the world. Learn more ›

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MEAP Present Program at CNI Spring 2022
MEAP Leadership, Rachel Deblinger, Sharon Farb, and Todd Grappone, and MEAP Board Member, Gloria Chacon, gave a program update at CNI Spring 2022 in San Diego, CA. The presentation highlighted strategies for navigating ongoing global uncertainties and explored questions about communal understandings of privacy, ownership, and copyright.
10,000 Objects Published
MEAP has published over 10,000 objects from 8 international collections, including ephemera from Barbados, studio portrait images from Lesotho, film posters from Albania, and musical recordings from Western Rajasthan, India. Explore the online repository now.
UCLA Library funds 29 international cultural preservation projects
The Modern Endangered Archives Program, a granting initiative launched in 2018 by the UCLA Library with support from Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, has funded 29 new projects that will preserve at-risk materials as diverse as audio recordings of indigenous languages in Siberia, film periodicals from Pakistan and India, and photographs and maps from Peruvian Amazonia.
UCLA Library Program announces new projects to digitize and document activism, political expression, and communal memory around

The Modern Endangered Archives Program’s second cohort of 22 projects broadens its global reach at a time when such efforts are dwindling.