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MEAP supports projects to preserve, document and digitize collections at risk from environmental conditions, political uncertainty, unsustainable media, inappropriate storage or communal and social change.

Available Grants

MEAP offers four levels of support for projects to organize, collect, convert and describe archival material or existing digital assets. All digital objects created through MEAP projects will be published online by the UCLA Library.
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    Regional Grants

    Opportunity to expand on previous MEAP digitization. Create digital collections that include cultural heritage materials from three or more institutions, families, or archival repositories.
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    Project Grants

    For digitizing archival content or curating already-digital assets.
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    Planning Grants

    For evaluating or surveying collections for digitization and/or curation.
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    Emergency Grants

    Emergency Grants are available outside the regular funding cycle. Applications must be invited.

How to Apply

New Call for Applications will go live on September 13, 2023.

Project Planning Guides

These guides provide detailed information for project planning, including recommended hardware and software and best practices to meet MEAP standards.

For Planning Grants

These guides provide detailed information for planning grant projects.


The Grant of Permission Form is required for all Project Grant applications. The Archival Partner Form is required for all Project Grants and Planning Grants where the content is located at an institution other than the Host Institution or will be deposited at an institution other than the Host Institution. The Host Agreement Form is required for all applicants at the Detailed Stage.
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    Copyright Permission Agreement

    Copyright Permission Agreements are required for all Project Grants. Project teams are responsible for identifying the creator and copyright owner of all collection materials.
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    Archival Partner Form

    The Archival Partner Form is used to confirm collaboration between the project team and the archival owners. The form should be signed by the current collection holders.
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    Host Commitment Form

    The Host Commitment Form is required for all projects and should be used to confirm institutional agreement to serve as a Host Institution.

More Information


  • Applications open September 12, 2023
  • Applicant Webinar Wednesday, October 18, 2023 [View Resources(opens in a new tab)]
  • Preliminary Applications due Monday, November 13, 2023
  • Detailed Applications (for invited applicants) due Friday, February 9, 2024

Apply Online

Before applying, make sure that you have reviewed the MEAP Program Guidelines and that you have confirmed your project's eligibility. When you are ready to apply, you can begin your application on our online application portal. All applications must be submitted in English.
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