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Vaihoho Oral Traditions in Timor-Leste | Uni. of Melbourne

Digitising the Justino Valentim Collection of Vaihoho Sung-Poems, Lautem, Timor-Leste

Project Abstract

This project preserves critically endangered Vaihoho sung-stories of the Fataluku people of Timor-Leste. Vaihoho are considered the Fataluku’s most valued repertoire, as the major form of their oral tradition. Late cultural leader of the Fataluku, Justino Valentim recorded a significant amount of Vaihoho material, which is now stored in his family home. This project will digitize and archive the collection to reduce risk of loss and make it accessible to the Fataluku, the wider Timorese community, and the global public. Project partners include the Valentim family, NGO Many Hands International, the University of Melbourne, and the Timor-Leste Government.

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