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Vaihoho Oral Traditions in Timor-Leste | Uni. of Melbourne

Digitising the Justino Valentim Collection of Vaihoho Sung-Poems, Lautem, Timor-Leste

Project Abstract

This project supports the preservation of critically endangered Vaihoho sung-stories of the Fataluku people of Timor-Leste. Vaihoho are considered the Fataluku’s most valued repertoire, as the major form of their continuing oral tradition. From 1999-2014, cultural leader Justino Valentim (deceased), recorded a significant amount of vaihoho material. Up until 2019 this handwritten collection was stored in exercise books at his family home. In danger of vanishing with the last of the knowledge-holders, the collection was digitally recorded and archived, to honour Justino Valentim’s intention to keep the oral tradition alive for future generations so they would know their own culture.

The collection consists of 17 sung poems gathered from Fataluku communities across the Lautem region of Timor-Leste and 5 Fataluku language dictionaries.


Project partners

  • Valentim family (owners of collection)
  • NGO Many Hands International (incountry archival partner)
  • University of Melbourne (host institution/project owner)
  • State Secretariat for Art and Culture, Timor-Leste Government (in-country partner)
  • District Administration of Lautem


Projetu ne'e apoia prezervasaun Kantigu vaihoho ema Fataluku iha Timor Leste neebe amiasadu atu sai lakon. Vaihoho hanesan patrimoniu ho

neebe valor as liu husi ema Fataluku, nomos nu'udar forma boot ida husi sira-nia tradisaun orál ne'ebé la'o nafatin. Husi tinan 1999-2014, lider kulturál Justino Valentim (matebian) rejista materiál vaiho barak. To'o tinan 2019, koleksaun vaihoho neebe rekolla iha livru sira ne'e rai iha nia família nia uma. Tamba amiasadu atu lakon ho ema matenek-na'in sira-nia istória ikus, Dadus neebe rekolla no grava digitalmente hodi arkiva atu fó onra ba Justino Valentim nia intensaun atu mantein tradisaun orál ne'ebé moris ba jerasaun futuru atu nune'e sira bele hatene sira-nia kultura rasik. Keleksaun ne'e kompostu husi kantigu poema 17 rekolla husi komunidade Fataluku iha rejiaun Lautem no disionáriu lian Fataluku 5.


Parseiru sira ba projetu

  • Familia husi Valentim (nain ba koleksaun)
  • NGO Many Hands International (parseiru arkivu iha rai laran)
  • Universidade Melbourne (umana'in ba projetu)
  • Sekretaria Estadu Arte no Kultura, Governu Timor-Leste (parseiru nasaun nian)
  • Administrasaun Municipiu Lautem


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