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20th Century Shan Buddhist Collections in Northern-Eastern Myanmar (Burma) | Inya-Burma Inst.

Documenting Colonial Era Monastic Collections in Former Principalities of the Shan State

Project Abstract

This project will survey written, printed, and photographic materials held in monasteries donated in the first half of the 20th century by the Shan rulers of the former principalities of Hsipaw, Kyaingtong, and Yawng-nghwe (now Nyaung-shwe), all located in northern-eastern Myanmar (Burma). Documentation and preservation of these artifacts is crucial at a time when they are at high risk from humidity-related damage, lack of maintenance, smuggling and intermittent and low-intensity warfare. Working at multiple sites will advance scholarly understanding of early and mid-20th century religious dynamics and the mobility of Buddhist ideas and practices in the Shan region and beyond.

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