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The Lubumbashi Art Collection Archive: Survey and Evaluation
Planning Grant

This survey project aims to build a robust catalogue of rare paper archives as a necessary step towards the larger digital and physical conservation and valorization of a Congolese art collection. Still present in its city of origin, Lubumbashi, the Lubumbashi Art Collection Archive includes approximately 9,300 works spanning the 1950s to the present. The archive forms a unique art historical and historical source from the late colonial and the postcolonial era in Congo. By promoting international and local accessibility of the collection and archive, the larger project ultimately aims to contribute to the rewriting of African art history.

Project Leads

  • Sari Middernacht, Waza Art Center, Lubumbashi
  • Patrick Mudekereza, Waza Art Center

Host Institution

Centre d'art Waza (DRC)

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