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Revolutionary Legacies: The Amilcar Cabral and Aristides Pereira Papers
Planning Grant

The Fundação Amílcar Cabral (FAC) holds the papers of Amilcar Cabral and Aristides Pereira, the first two secretary-generals of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cabo Verde (PAIGC). Assassinated by the Portuguese intelligence service in 1973, Cabral remains an internationally renowned anti-colonial leader. His successor, Aristides Pereira, led Cabo Verde through its first fifteen years of independence. Material held by the FAC covers over four decades of socio-political activism, governance and intellectual work. The preservation of this archive is crucial to local and international audiences as its contents are a testament to histories of decolonization in Africa and post-colonial governance in one of the most distinct African nation-states. The collections to be surveyed document transformations between colonialism proper, anti-colonialism and post/neo-colonialisms through the biographical, politica, and intellectual lenses of two men linked in the national liberations of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde. The preservation of these archives is pivotal for communities and scholars interested in and embedded within histories of Lusophone Africa, anti-colonialism, decolonization, pan-Africanism and African socialism.

Project Leads

  • Luis Fonseca, Amilcar Cabral Foundation
  • Desmond Fonseca, UCLA History Department

Host Institution

Fundação Amílcar Cabral

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