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JADEAS Trust Archive
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The Jadeas Library Archive houses documentary material belonging to J.F. Ade-Ajayi, a ground-breaking Nigerian historian who rehabilitated African historiography during the period of decolonization. The materials, ranging from 1958–2007, include personal correspondence and manuscripts relating to the Ibadan school of history, and film pertaining to Nigerian cultures. Preserving the archive is of great importance both locally and globally as its resources are a testimony to the post-independence period in African academia. Opening it up to wider audiences would not only safeguard the material, but allow for researchers to bring together sources from across the world.

Project Leads

Andrew Apter, UCLA (US); Yetunde Aina, JADEAS Trust Archive (Nigeria); Larissa Schulte Nordholt, University of Leiden (Netherlands)

Host Institution

UCLA African Studies Center (US)

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