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Film Censorship in Argentina
Planning Grant

This project catalogued the Museo del Cine Pablo Ducrós Hicken’s clippings collection. In particular, the project documented materials related to the Ente de Calificación Cinematográfica (Film Censorship Committee) that was in charge of the revision and approval of scripts, films and releases in Argentina (1969–1984). These documents include newspaper articles, editorials, interviews, postcards and private notes. The collection allows researchers (historians, film critics, anthropologists) to learn about this period beyond state produced documentation at a time when cultural production was closely monitored and censored.

The project also explored copyright laws related to previously published materials in the collection with the aim of future digitization and publication.

Project Leads

  • Ana Laura Lusnich, Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICET)
  • Pamela Gionco, UBA
  • Paula Félix Didier, Museo del Cine

Host Institution

Asociación Civil Amigos del Museo del Cine “Pablo Christian Ducrós Hicken” (Argentina)

More Information

Collection Inventory

Item-level description (opens in a new tab)of 2,238 clippings, stored in 57 folders (Topics subset).

The surveyed clipping include:

  • Collection Details: Clipping collection at the Museo del Cine “Pablo Ducrós Hicken” + Folder Name
  • Item Details
  • Publication info

(opens in a new tab)

Download the Museo del Cine “Pablo Ducrós Hicken” Clippings Collection Inventory(opens in a new tab) >

Collection Surveys

Folder-level description for 139 Folders, holding 8895 clippings. The survey is organized around three different subsets (Topics, People and Films).

This survey was made in the Museo del Cine building between March and May 2023. The team counted document by document of each of the selected folders and gathered relevant information to plan further actions with the collection. The complete selection has an extension of 5,25 linear feet (160 metros lineales) of paper based documents in several languages, such as Spanish, English, French, German, among others. The folders subsets are a pre-existing categorization given by the Museo del Cine.

Topics: 1,802 clippings of 15 folders

People: 2,701 clippings of 32 folders

Films: 4,492 clippings of 82 folders

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