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Ephemera from the Barbados Department of Archives

Independence and Beyond: Ephemera from the Barbados Department of Archives

Exploring the Collection

The Barbados Ephemera Collection includes over 1000 objects that cover the decades following the Independence of Barbados (1966) and the subsequent transition from colony to independent state. Items in this collection, now openly available for use by scholars, teachers, Barbadians and others around the world, reflect and document the lives of ordinary people beyond elite voices at a foundational period in the history of Barbados. While items in the collection are specific to Barbados, they address broader global movements of the 20th century, including civil rights struggles, women's rights, identity formation, and political realities. 

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User Guide to the Barbados Ephemera Collection

Exploring Caribbean History through the Barbados Ephemera Collection

Tracing identity, social movements, and nation building through Performance Arts


Project Abstract

This project, led by HeritEdge, digitized material housed at the Barbados Department of Archives, focusing on published ephemera from the 1930s to the 2010s (bulk, 1950s-1990s). These objects offer a sweeping view of Barbadian history, covering politics, business and industry, race and gender, religion, education, social and cultural life, legislature, health, agriculture, sports, Caribbean news, and lifecycle events. This collection showcases the evolution of national consciousness and culture in Barbados during the formative decades following its Independence in 1966. 

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To cite material from the Barbados Ephemera Collection: [Object title], Barbados Department of Archives, Ephemera Collection, Accessed at Modern Endangered Archives Program at [full web address].