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About - El Mundo Al Dia - Televised News in the Dominican Republic

The Archivo General de la Nación of the Dominican Republic has worked to digitize a collection of nearly four hundred 16mm film canisters from 1965 to 1980, containing footage of the news program El Mundo al Dia. This program was broadcasted on the first ever television channel of the Dominican Republic, formerly known as Televisión La Voz Dominicana. El Mundo al Dia covered socio-political activities that occurred across the country under the political periods of presidents Joaquín Balaguer (1966-1978) and Antonio Guzmán Fernández (1978-1982).

During the 1960’s to the 1980’s, the Dominican Republic endured significant events, such as the coup d'état against former president Juan Bosch, which provoked a civil war and U.S. intervention in 1965. Other key events include persecutions and political assassinations during the regime of Joaquin Balaguer, as well as the hundreds of deaths caused by the uprising of “La Poblada de Abril de 1984” against the government of Jorge Blanco.

This archive represents the crucial role that local television coverage has in research on Dominican politics and society during the Cold War era. It also will serve as a valuable resource in better understanding the connection between politics and society in the context of local civilian life.