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NEW in 2023! Regional Grants

Regional Grants should be used to create digital collections that include cultural heritage materials from three or more institutions, families, or archival repositories but related to one theme, community or historical event. Projects should focus on digitization and metadata creation that enables findability for materials that are not physically held in one location. These grants are funded for up to $100,000 for up to two years of work.Project should also include training and community engagement that ensure representative communities and stakeholders are included in the digitization and description process.Regional Grants are held by one organizing Host Institution and must be managed by someone with previous experience completing a previous MEAP grant. Potential Regional Grant applicants must connect with the MEAP staff to discuss their application before submission.

Project Grants

Project Grants can be used to digitize archival content or curate already-digital assets. Grant funded projects should address the full lifecycle of digitization, including imaging, content description (metadata creation) and digital asset delivery. These grants are funded for up to $70,000* for up to two years of work.

Projects should be well organized before digitization begins. If you require substantial time to evaluate and survey the archival material, you should consider applying for a planning grant.

Planning Grants

Planning Grants can be used to evaluate or survey collections for digitization and/or curation. Successful projects create survey reports or item level inventories that document collections and prepare them for digitization. These grants are funded for up to $20,000* for up to one year of work.

Emergency Grants

Emergency Grants are available outside the regular funding cycle for up to $10,000 and 6 months of work. You must be invited to apply for an emergency grant. To inquire, email with information about the endangered collection and why there is an urgent need for digitization.

All digital objects created through MEAP projects will be published online by the UCLA Library.
* Note new grant limits for the 2023 - 2024 cycle.

New Call for Applications now Open

MEAP will once again offer funding for projects designed to preserve, document, and digitize collections at-risk of loss or deterioration.

Explore the 2023-24 Call for Applications in Arabic(opens in a new tab), English(opens in a new tab), Farsi(opens in a new tab), French(opens in a new tab), Hindi(opens in a new tab), Indonesian(opens in a new tab), Malay(opens in a new tab), Portuguese(opens in a new tab), Spanish(opens in a new tab), Swahili(opens in a new tab).

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  • MEAP Preliminary Application Template (2023-24)

    Template for Application Planning Purposes. Note that the Preliminary Application has been edited significantly for 2023-24.

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Before applying, make sure that you have reviewed the MEAP Program Guidelines and that you have confirmed your project's eligibility. When you are ready to apply, you can begin your application on our online application portal. All applications must be submitted in English.
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