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MEAP is dedicated to:

  • Providing open access to cultural and historical materials from around the world as a challenge to politicized and nationalized historical narratives that minimize or silence multiple voices and perspectives.
  • Enabling digital preservation of at-risk cultural heritage from parts of the world with limited resources for archival preservation.
  • Expanding the capacity for digital preservation around the world and building a culture of open access that can continue after the period of the grant.

Available Funding

We offer four levels of support for projects to organize, collect, convert and describe archival material or existing digital assets.

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    Regional Grants

    Opportunity to expand on previous MEAP digitization. Create digital collections that include cultural heritage materials from three or more institutions, families, or archival repositories.
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    Project Grants

    For digitizing archival content or curating already-digital assets.
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    Planning Grants

    For evaluating or surveying collections for digitization and/or curation.
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    Emergency Grants

    Emergency Grants are available outside the regular funding cycle. Applications must be invited.
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    How to Apply

    Interested in applying for a grant? Read more for information about our application process and evaluation criteria.

Eligibility Details

MEAP supports projects to preserve, document and digitize collections at risk from environmental conditions, political uncertainty, inherently unsustainable media, inappropriate storage or communal and social change. Materials must fit within the following scope.

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    Project Eligibility

    Not sure if your project is eligible? Check out project eligibility information here.
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    Program Guidelines

    These guidelines define the scope and eligibility requirements for the MEAP grant program.
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    Evaluation Criteria

    Applications will be evaluated by an international panel of scholars using this criteria.

MEAP Partners

The Modern Endangered Archives Program is part of a family of cultural heritage programs funded by Arcadia. All programs fund projects to preserve and make accessible endangered cultural materials and knowledge.

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    MEAP Review Board

    MEAP applications are evaluated by an international panel of scholars. The review board ensures that our funds are directed to the most urgently endangered collections.
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    Affiliated Programs

    MEAP is part of a family of cultural heritage programs funded by Arcadia. All programs fund projects that preserve and make accessible endangered materials.

Ready to Apply?

Before applying, make sure that you have reviewed the MEAP Program Guidelines and that you have confirmed your project's eligibility. When you are ready to apply, you can begin your application on our online application portal. All applications must be submitted in English.
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